Who we are

Our Story

Belvoglio is a luxury fashion brand Inspired by the Italian word for “Nice things, pretty, wanting and beautiful. Was founded in the United Kingdom. Fashion is a way of life for our founder, she fell in love with fashion as a small child, by transforming every dress, shoe, hair accessory her mum bought to make it different. She saw beauty in everything around her. Her dream was to become a big designer that everyone in the world will talk about her brand. years rolled by, she started designing dresses for woman and selling them. Had  her first fashion show in the United Kingdom England in 2014.  Belvoglio is here to make ladies look and feel good about themself for any occasion be it your wedding day or an event. 


We bring you colors of Italic spiced up with style and elegance, transforming fashion and incorporating cultural values into the designs and ideas. We are responsible for putting forth unique products that represents your taste in dressing up. We care for our customer needs and so we keep the quality of our products high. 

SLOGAN: “Live Better, Live Luxury”